Zachary Home Builders

Zachary Home Builders

For over 30 years, Townsend Homes has built luxurious homes for customers throughout Southeast Louisiana. For families that are evaluating Zachary homebuilders, Townsend Homes offers the most comprehensive luxury included features and exceptional customer service. Townsend Homes will help you plan, finance and build your home from start to finish. We offer on site services for drafting of plans, color selections with an interior designer, and complete planning of all phases of construction.


Our Whole Home Building Process

We have developed a seamless, easy process that makes it easier to build the home of your dreams. With over 20 proven floor plans that can be easily modified to your personal specifications, Townsend homes makes designing your own dream home a reality. Our on staff draftsman can make the changes in days rather than waiting weeks for an architect or professional design service. Our system is better because we sit down face to face with each family to ensure that their design is to their exact specifications. The home building process is personal-that means you get to be involved in every phase of design and planning. Our goal is for you to have a great experience as you watch your design ideas come to life. Years from now, we want you to look back on this time and smile.


Planning Your Home

We specialize in personalized plans. That means that every home we build is  one of a kind. Our online Floorplanner tool allows you to make changes to any of our design right on our website. We can also consider custom plans or even begin with your ideas and develop a plan for your specific home site. Once the design is set, the fun starts! Our interior designed meet with each family to help them choose all of the colors and finishes. Your personal taste will be in every phase of your home. Our Color Selection Room is filled with the latest styles in cabinets, flooring, and faucets…everything at your fingertips.


Financing Solutions

When it comes to home loans, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Townsend Homes offers the Smart Choice Preferred Lender Program, which can help you to obtain the financing that you need for your new home. As a Townsend Homes customer, your become a PREFERRED customer with our lenders. This PREFERRED status means a faster loan approval process, discounts on fees, and incentives like refrigerators, washer and dryer combos, and free Ashley Furniture. We will also help you to establish a budget for your home and all the things that go along with your site like dirt pad, utility connections, etc. Our specialists understand what is required in each area that we build in including Zachary. Our Finance Specialists evaluate each customer and pair them with the lender and loan program which best suits their needs.



The construction phase of your home begins with a pre-construction conference. This meeting with your assigned personal builder entails reviewing the building agreement, plans, and colors and finishes to ensure that all the details are correct before construction begins. Once this conference is complete, your home is in production. Your personal builder will advise you of progress and upcoming activity. As with most customers, you will probably visit the site often and watch your dream home come to life.




At the completion of your home, we schedule a new home orientation with you to go over all of the details of how to use the appliances, the HVAC system and other details. We provide you with a warranty binder that contains all the important paperwork throughout the process including owner’s manuals for your appliances and mechanical systems, floor plan, and color sheets. At Townsend Homes, we are focused on helping you to make your home building process as easy as possible. You hire us for service and our reputation for providing exceptional customer service is well known throughout the state. From the initial planning stages for your home until construction is complete, Townsend Homes goes above and beyond to make your experience exciting and one that you will never forget. Find out more about what we have to offer and how our home building process works now.