Seamless Process

A to Z. Start to Finish. Alpha to Omega. However you say it, the meaning is the same.  Cretin Townsend Homes is a one stop shop when it comes to building your dream home. Gone are the days when someone has to "piece their home together" by running around getting quotes, finding financing, and applying for permits. We have developed a seamless, easy process that takes our customers all the way from the inquiry stage through to the move into their dream home. We've done the legwork and put efficient systems in place so that our customers can relax and enjoy this exciting time in their lives. Our friendly team is here to serve YOU, and our services start even before you become our customer.

Getting Started

FREE HOME SITE EVALUATION-One of our supervisors will meet the customer to assess site conditions and give estimates for dirt and driveway work, and also gain an understanding of what the customer wants to do. Based on the information given, the customer can begin having their dirt pad installed so that it is ready for the start of construction. This meeting creates a bond between the builder and the customer and will be the foundation of the relationship during construction of the home.

SMART CHOICE PREFERRED LENDER PROGRAM-Our financing specialist will begin working on pairing the customer with the best loan type and preferred lender. Of course, the incentives, discounts and fee reductions will be applied to our Preferred Customers (all of our customers become Preferred Customers with our lenders!). The specialist will help to establish a budget for the entire project. The goal is to have the loan ready to go when the customer is ready for their pre-construction conference.

NEW HOME CONSULTATION-After listening to the customer's ideas, needs, and wants in their home, one of our new home specialists will incorporate those ideas into a one-of-a-kind home. Once the design is set, an agreement is approved and the plans are sent to our drafting department to be drawn. This is the FIRST step in the building process. 

Pre-construction Phase

DOCUMENT PROCESSING-Our new home processor will provide the customer with a worksheet that outlines all the documents and paperwork needed to apply for the building permit. The processor will be a resource for information and help during the gathering of documents. It helps things move quickly when customers get started early on these items. 

SITE STAKEOUT-One of our supervisors will go out to inspect the dirt pad and stake out the home based on the personalized plans. 

FINALIZE PLANS-Once the plans are received back from drafting, the customer meets with their new home specialist to review and finalize plans. This meeting is vital because at the conclusion of this meeting plans are sent for final revisions before construction begins. The pre-construction process will be scheduled once revised plans are received. These meeting are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

INTERIOR DESIGNER CONSULT-Our interior designer will meet with the customer immediately following their plan review to select colors and finishes in their dream home. The home will begin to come to life during this session. The customer will put their personal touch on every part of their home. 

PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE-This is the final meeting before construction begins. The customer is asssigned a personal builder and a review of the plans and the building process are the focus of this important meeting. At the completion of the PCC, plans go to the estimating department and construction will be underway soon.

LOAN CLOSING-Generally, we try to coordinate the pre-construction conference and the loan closing on the same day to avoid the customer having to take multiple days off. Pre-Construction conferences are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Loan closing generally follow at 1 p.m.

Construction Phase

One of the pieces of information that every customer is interested in is their completion date. "How long will construction take?" At the pre-construction conference, the personal builder will establish a start date and an estimated completion date. It's estimated because many factors can come into play that are out of the builder's control. Generally, build time is 5-6 months from the slab pour. The personal builder will be in constant contact with the customer during construction to give updates and answer questions. 

Post-construction Phase

NEW HOME ORIENTATION-As completion of the home nears, the personal builder will schedule a new home orientation with the customer. The builder will walk through the home with the customer to ensure that everything is in working order and demonstrate how to use the appliances, the HVAC system, etc. The builder will also take care of any touch-ups at this time. The construction phase is considered complete when the customer approves the new home orienation checklist. 

WARRANTY PHASE-Although Cretin Townsend Homes invests in quality products, there is always a possibility that some issues may arise after move-in. We provide a service request form on our website for customers to request that their builder come out to assess the issue. If necessary, a plan of action is made and the builder will work to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Customers are provided with a warranty binder that contains important papers that were gathered during the process, a copy of the house plans, and manuals for all applaiances and mechanical systems (when provided by the manufacturer).