In order to provide visitors to our website with a great experience, Townsend Homes publishes pictures of many homes. We specialize in personalizing homes for families so that they can design their home with the space they need and the finishes and colors that satisfy their personal tastes. With that in mind, many of the pictures on our website will show optional finishes which are not included in the base price of our homes. We have a list of included features (available upon request) that outlines the products that are included in our homes. Our included feature list is the most extensive in the region and a home built with those included features will be elegant. Our included features are a starting point to establish a base price. Customers may choose to include optional finishes in their home. Please understand that when pictures of personalized homes are published it is not to imply that any optional finishes are included in the base price of our homes. One of our specialists will be happy to  clarify our included features and discuss options and pricing during a consultation.