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Does A Modular Home Really Save You Money?

Written by Don Fernandez on

In our last article, we compared the time factor involved in building a custom built home vs. purchasing a modular home. As stated, one of the strategies employed by modular home companies is that they can have you in your home much faster than a custom built home. What we [...]

Custom Home vs. Modular…The Great Debate…

Written by Don Fernandez on

Modular homes are becoming more and more popular because (according to modular company marketing efforts) they are more affordable, can be built in less time, and appraise and finance the same as custom, stick built homes. In our next three blog articles, we will compare modular homes to custom [...]

The Advantage of Low-E Windows in Your Home

Written by Don Fernandez on

Today's more popular home designs feature open floor plans and lots of windows. There's nothing like sitting in your great room and having the curtains drawn back letting lots of natural light into your home-so much so that you don't even need lights on. While [...]

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Written by Don Fernandez on

Ok, ok.....I know. We live in Louisiana, so Winter is a relative term. We will probably be wearing shorts on Christmas day! Whether or not we dip below freezing for any period of time, it's a good idea to do a few simple things to get your home [...]